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Below are pictures that were taken in the midst of the Hidradenitis Suppurativa disease and then the photos taken after using the skin cleansing system. I took these photos with the expectation of having very little or no time left because at this stage of the Hidradenitis Suppurativa, suicide seemed the only option left. What cannot be seen is the inability to walk, wear clothing, bathe, sleep, or be intimate without excruciating pain.  It was in my ear canal, eyelids, nostrils, anus, between the fingers and toes. Literally every external part of my body was affected. Even the slightest touch or brush of the skin was intensely painful. Being afflicted with Hidradenitis Suppurativa has ended my long term career because I was no longer able to perform the manual labor required to maintain employment and the Hidradenitis Suppurativa has rendered my marriage dysfunctional. Some of the things that I had to constantly endure were bloody and painful bowel movements, five biopsies, and many other medical procedures performed by many doctors.

These pictures are copied from original photos and have not been retouched, enhanced or airbrushed.  Unfortunately the before pictures were taken with a cheap disposable camera and does not capture the true essence of how badly I was affected by the disease.

In the before photos I was about 333 lbs and grossly out of shape.  In the after photos I am down to about 290 lbs.  This change has happened in about a couple of months when my skin began to renew itself after using the skin cleanser.

(Before)-This is not the disease at its worst. There was plenty of cracking, bleeding and oozing that is not visible

(After)-My skin cleanser made improvements everywhere

(Before)-Even wearing clothing, including underwear, resulted in excruciating pain

(After)-Sorry for the black out block but it was necessary. As you can see, all skin in the area is clear

(Before)- It is clear that the wounds are open and fresh

(After) - The stretch marks were caused by prolonged use of a doctor prescribed steroidal medication called Ultravate .05%

(Before) -The red and brown discoloration of the skin are symptomatic areas including the heel and toes

(After)- The discoloration on the tibia is the fading scar left by the symptom. The upper thigh is completely healed

(Before) - Same symptoms as described above

(After) - same results as above without any scars remaining

As you can see, the skin on my right leg is completely clear

Again, the skin on my left leg is completely clear

(Before)- You can see the breakout of the skin but along with that is the infection embedded in my spine that caused great pain and discomfort

(After)- The back is completely clear as the result of using the skin cleanser

(Before) - Same as above picture

(After) - The same exact results as described above

(Before)-It was impossible to wear a shirt of any kind without intense pain

(After) - Now I am able to engage in improving my physique through exercise.

(Before)- Tape measure gives true perception of the affected area size which was 10" long by 10" wide. What is not quite visible are open, oozing and bleeding wounds

(After)- The skin is completely clear as a result of using the skin cleanser but the stretch marks are caused by the doctor prescribed steroidal medication, Ultravate .05%

Before skin cleanser- bumps

After skin cleanser- clear beautiful skin

Ladies you could have a chest like mine. Just use my skin cleanser and your chest can be cleaned too!!

Wow!! between 60 and 70 inch chest. That's a whole lot of clean skin!!

After using my skin cleansing system, I have achieved a powerful 20" bicep through exorcise

With mobility restored, I now have powerful 21'' biceps-look out world!!

I'd like for all to see that from using my skin cleanser, I've gotten my confidence back.

Thanks alot skin cleanser, now I can only wear triple X shirts

This is me now almost completely healed in 2007. Continue to watch this website to see how far I can go and what I can achieve in the future!

Clear skin is visible on both the front (left picture) and back (above) of the body

THIS IS ME HEALTHIER LOOKING AND FEELING READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!! To view more photos, click on the picture above.